Soundproofing wall lining system (7,5 cm approx): FTD RANGE

System recommeded for flats, shops, hotels, etc. where there is not too much room to build an acoustic system.System to decrease airborne and impact noise.System tested in an approved laboratory. Results: soundproofing improvement of more than 12 dB. BUILDING SOLUTION: for walls less than 3 m height (materials and building order): 1) SE-BEC-5×48 (SENOR): EPDM …

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Soundproofing basics

Before carrying out any acoustic treatment, it is essential to understand the factors or principles on which soundproofing is based in order to achieve the best results…


SENOR manufactures dampers and anti-vibration systems for the plasterboard construction sector and for the industrial sector (air conditioning, machinery, etc.). The company’s aim is to reduce the transmission of vibrations and noise.

Sick and tired of noisy neighbours?

Your house should be your sanctuary, a place of rest and peace. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from noise disturbance inside our homes. Footsteps, music, loud conversations, dragging furniture, pets…these are just some of the noises that invade your room…

Acoustic mounts

Definition: Anti-vibration mounts absorb and dampen vibrations. Either reducing the vibration transmission (especially structure borne sound) in building structures such as ceilings, linings, partitions and floors or attenuating vibrations produced by machinery, drastically reducing the vibration and noise output of an equipment. SENOR, after more than 25 years of experience manufacturing mounts and after having …

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