Anti-vibration mounts absorb and dampen vibrations. Either reducing the vibration transmission (especially structure borne sound) in building structures such as ceilings, linings, partitions and floors or attenuating vibrations produced by machinery, drastically reducing the vibration and noise output of an equipment.

SENOR, after more than 25 years of experience manufacturing mounts and after having carried out countless acoustic laboratory tests, divides them into two categories:

– Polymeric mounts (rubber): to attenuate sounds in medium/high frequencies.
– Hybrid mounts (rubber and spring): to attenuate sounds in low/medium/high frequencies.

The rubber provides vibration isolation in the medium/high frequency range meanwhile the spring (steel spiral) provides a high degree of isolation in the low/medium frequency range.


Mounts should be able to work freely in elongation (lengthening or stretching) and also in compression, that is, in both directions. This is a fundamental requirement in order to obtain the best acoustic results.

In addition, the shock absorbers must provide maximum safety to the solution where they are to be applied.

A correct installation of the mounts will determine its proper functioning.

Our mounts are commonly used in dry construction, along with gypsum plasterboards and steel channels for soundproofing effectively.

Choosing the right mount is essential for the viability of the constructive solution. In other words, if the correct mount is not installed, not only a good soundproofing result will not be achieved, but the acoustics of the room may even worsen.

Criteria for choosing a mount:

  1. Load: each mount is designed to work within a load range.
  2. Operating frequency (r.p.m.).
  3. Indoor or outdoor use.
  4. Weather adversities.
  5. Activity to be developed in the room.

Mounts must be installed throughout the whole system. For instance, in wall lining systems, both the uprights (vertically) and the channels (horizontally) must have dampers. On the other hand, to isolate a machine, it is necessary that both the machine and the ducts that are attached to it are soundproofed. Therefore, rigid connections should be avoided, as they would eventually become sound leaks (sound flanking paths).


  • Vibration control
  • Thermal break.
  • Useful life expectancy extension.
  • Some models have certified fire resistance EI120.

Related products:

  • Acoustic rubber strips are strongly recommend for a perfect end-result. SENOR manufacture high quality acoustic strips that provide elasticity and tightness to the system. Our bands are made of EPDM CR-130 or CR-140 microcellular material.
  • Acoustic bands are a required complement for an effective soundproofing work, but they can never substitute by themselves the performance of an AV mount.
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