Sick and tired of noisy neighbours?

At SENOR we offer practical solutions to isolate your home

Your house should be your sanctuary, a place of rest and peace. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from noise disturbance inside our homes. Footsteps, music, loud conversations, dragging furniture, pets…these are just some of the noises that invade your room.

Perhaps it is time to carry out acoustic insulation so that silence reigns again in your house. For this we must carry out an acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling and even on the floor. Gypsum board systems are the most effective and used in soundproofing.

The first point to consider is that noise is differentiated into two types.  Noise transmitted via air is called airborne noise while the noise that is transmitted through solid objects and surfaces is called structure-borne or impact noise. So  we must create a system that attenuates both types of noise to be really effective. That is the reason why acoustic mounts (anti-vibration systems) are needed.

There are different systems that we can carry out, but in all of them we must bear in mind the principles of acoustic insulation: mass (provided by plasterboard and bituminous sheets), sealing (provided by acoustic bands), elasticity (provided by mounts), rigidity (provided by the metal profile frame), acoustic absorption (provided by rock wool, mineral wool, polyester fibers, etc.). All these factors act as conditioning factors so that we can obtain the best acoustic results, so all of them are necessary and essential.

Another factor that affects insulation is the space available to be used, knowing that, as a general rule, the more space used, the better the insulation. Unfortunately, on many occasions we do not have enough space to carry out a self-supporting lining composed of metallic tracks and uprights, or the height of our ceilings is not enough for a false ceiling. In these cases we have to carry out cladding and direct acoustic ceilings to make the most of the space.


Unfortunately, in many occasions we do not have enough space to make self-supporting wall lining system of channels and studs, or the height of our ceilings is very low, in these cases we have to make wall lining and direct acoustic ceilings, where we make the most of the space.

SENOR has developed four mounts to solve these space problems: FTD OMEGA (omega profile systems), FTD OMEGA ULTRA (omega channel of 20-90 mm width), SE-FTD MINI/47 (for 47 mm channels) and FTD NIVEL (levelable systems with 47 mm profile), all of them achieve optimal acoustic results using just 6-7 cm of room. They can be used both in wall lining and in ceilings. 

This system has been tested at the Tecnalia Laboratory, a benchmark in Europe, and has offered an acoustic improvement of 12 dB, reaching 60.2 dB of insulation 
Test sample: metal structure + Acoustic mount + SE-BEC type acoustic band + absorbent material + SE-MONT-BICAPA type two-layer band + 15 mm plasterboard + bituminous sheet + 12.5 mm plasterboard


SENOR has also developed a mount, the FTD RASTREL, for light acoustic floors using timber joists, ideal for effective insulation for those homes in which a concrete slab floor cannot be applied. This mount allows to make acoustic floors with wooden boards, obtaining prime acoustic results.

Therefore, the systems mentioned are recommended for small homes, shops, hotel establishments, etc. It is the best option for acoustic insulation on a floor, since it requires very little room and top-nocht results are obtained, both in airborne and structure-borne noise.

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