Soundproofing wall lining system (7,5 cm approx): FTD RANGE

System recommeded for flats, shops, hotels, etc. where there is not too much room to build an acoustic system.
System to decrease airborne and impact noise.
System tested in an approved laboratory. Results: soundproofing improvement of more than 12 dB.

for walls less than 3 m height (materials and building order):

1) SE-BEC-5×48 (SENOR): EPDM self-adhesive acoustic band of high quality (for the perimeter). It provides sealing to the system.

2) ChovACUSTIC PLUS FIELTEX (ChovA), DANOFÓN (DANOSA), TECSOUND FT (SOPREMA) or similar: multilayer material for the original wall of the building. It provides absortion coefficient to the system.

3) Acoustic wall mount FTD Range:
*SE-FTD OMEGA mount: for omega stud of 82 mm wide. When using in ceilings it is necessary to screw it to the stud by using a MM (metal-metal) screw.
*SE-FTD OMEGA ULTRA mount: for omega stud of 20-90 mm wide. When using in ceilings it is necessary to screw it to the stud by using a MM (metal-metal) screw.
*SE-FTD NIVEL 47 mount: for ceiling channels of 47 mm. It has a metric screw which allow to correct the irregularities of the ceilings and walls (it is available with screws of 25, 50, 80 and 160 mm.
*SE-FTD MINI 47: for channels of 47 mm

– The FTD range is used in acoustic and wall lining systems.
– They are patented by SENOR.
– Vertical distribution: 3 units per stud (1 unit 15 cm pprox. from the ceiling, 1 15 cm approx from the floor and 1 unit in the center of the stud). Please contact us if you need to place the mounts horizontally.
– It provides elasticity to the system.

4) METAL CHANNELS: placed every 60 cm. It provides rigidity to the system.
– Omega channels: with mounts SE-FTD OMEGA and SE-FTD OMEGA ULTRA
– 47 mm channels: with mounts SE-FTD NIVEL 47 and SE-FTD MINI 47

5) SE-MONT-BICAPA-40 (SENOR): decoupling band to attenuate vibrations between the omega studs and the drywalls.

6) DRYWALL: it provides mass to the system

7) HIGH DENSITY SHEET ViscoLAM 65 (ChovA), M.A.D. 4 (DANOSA) or similar: 4 mm thickness. It acts as a barrier against the noise transmission.

8) DRYWALL: it provides mass to the system

Video with SE-FTD OMEGA:
Video with SE-FTD NIVEL 47:


– Hermetically seal the first and second layer of drywalls (and drywalls with perimeter).
– A 15 mm thickness is recommended to the first layer of drywalls. A 13 mm thickness is recommended to the second layer of drywalls.
– The studs and drywalls should rest in the acoustic band in the whole perimeter.
– It is not recommended to drill the system to get the best soundproof
– It is highly recommended to build a soundproofing solution for ceiling, walls and floor.
– When using the OMEGA wall mount in ceilings it is necessary to screw it to the stud by using a MM (metal-metal) screw of 9-11 mm.
– Hermetically seal all the holes which can be in the original wall before build an acoustic system.
– 8 mm wall plugs and 65-75 mm long screws are recommended.
– To screw the first layer of drywalls it is recommended to use phosphate screws of 25 mm long. To screw the second layer of drywalls it is recommeded to use 45 mm long screws.

NOTICE: the building solution in this document is based on our knowledge and experience. That is not the unique solution, several options are possibles. Our aim is to help those who have noise problems.

SENOR TECHNICAL SERVICE: do not hesitate to contact us for further information.We will be glad to advise you and study your project to offer the best solution.
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