Double layer strip (SE-MONT-BICAPA-40)

Product description and intended use 

SE-MONT-BICAPA-40 is a double layer self-adhesive strip of 4 cm width made of EPDM CR-130 RE 42 microcellular of 2.5 mm + 3 mm polyethylene to be attached to metal channels, studs and ceiling profiles. It has excellent soundproofing properties. 

It is also a material with good performance against atmospheric agents and with very low thermal conductivity. 

It is used in soundproofing systems to disconnect the metal frame and the drywalls. 

It is a material which absorbs the resonance between components. 

Installation guide 

The double layer strip is attached to the metal frame side which will be in contact with the drywall, decreasing the resonance between both components


SE-MONT-BICAPA-40: rolls of 20 lineal meters 

Main benefits 

– Effective for soundproofing

– Ease and of installation

– It avoids vibrations between the drywall and the metal frame

The double layer strip with EPDM acoustic band and SENOR mounts get an excellent soundproofing result.

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