Andalusia Excellence Award 2021

David Muñoz López, I+D department manager and Mari Carmen López Iglesias, managing director. 

SENOR’s facilities are located in the town of Palma del Río, Córdoba. This company is a pioneer in the sector of acoustic insulation and develops unique products worldwide, marketing all types of mounts, fasteners and acoustic systems in more than 60 countries. Its aim is to create anti-vibration systems that solve the problems caused by noise and vibration.

The Andalusian company began in 1995 with few resources, but with a determination and infinite ambitions for the future. After more than 25 years of hard work and learning, the company is pleased to have contributed to the development and improvement of people’s quality of life, contributing to the eradication of one of the main problems of modern life: noise pollution.

SENOR offers two product ranges: a Construction and an Industry range. In the Construction Range it has hangers or mounts and accessories for the installation of acoustic ceilings, continuous ceilings, removable ceilings, wall lining systems, partitions wall systems and acoustic floors. As for the Industry Range, it has mounts for ducts, fan-coils, suspended units, AC units, semi-industrial machines, heavy machines, elevators, mobile doors, etc.

One of the key factors on which SENOR is based is innovation. Its products incorporate the latest technology and the best raw material to obtain the best acoustic results, ensuring maximum safety and speed in its installation. This technology is manifested especially in its unique and patented systems such as the safety device, which allows its ceiling products to be fixed to the profile in a totally safe way, avoiding possible breakdowns. Another example of technology that makes the difference is the anti-roll axis that incorporates many of the products in the industry range, whose function is to prevent equipment from detaching due to strong vibrations or weather conditions (hurricane winds, heavy rains, heavy snowfall, etc.). Similarly, most products incorporate materials that provide thermal break (RPT in Spanish), that is, they prevent the transmission of cold and heat, as well as condensation. In addition, they have the only system on the market that meet with current fire resistance regulations EI120 (Fire Resistance) for an acoustic ceiling and an acoustic wall lining system.

SENOR has managed to greatly reduce the installation time of all its products, which translates into great comfort and time savings for installers. The company is committed to innovation, as well as to advanced technology integrated into its production systems. However, all this would not be possible without all its staff. Regarding its R&D&I Department, we highlight that it is considered a benchmark in the acoustic sector. For SENOR, innovation is not a challenge, but a fact confirmed every day.

Some of the latest products launched by SENOR are: SE-FTD OMEGA, SE-FTD NIVEL or SE-TAV-500/11. With respect to the first two it should be noted that these are revolutionary mounts for ceilings and wall lining that allow to obtain very good acoustic results using the minimum possible space. These products are recommended for rehabilitation and new construction where not much space is available to carry out soundproofing treatment. Compared to the SE-TAV-500/11, it is a mount for the soundproofing of partition and wall lining systems (with channels and studs). Its function is to fix the channels around the perimeter, providing elasticity to the system. With its use the entire metal structure is completely soundproofed, that is, the screws do not come into contact with the channels thus avoiding the transmission of vibrations between the original structure of the building and the partition or wall lining system. 

All products manufactured by SENOR are patented and certified by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. Products that have undoubtedly marked the difference in the elimination of vibrations, being unique worldwide and standing out for their quality, safety, performance, and speed in the installation. In addition, they are products adapted to new construction solutions that bet on energy savings, resulting 100% recommended for passive buildings (passivhaus) as they get the most out of energy resources. Likewise, SENOR products are environmentally friendly.

The company still retains the same enthusiasm as the first day. Undoubtedly, the solid pillars on which its business philosophy is based: security, performance and originality serve to be a benchmark in its sector. SENOR faces the challenge of continuing to improve every day with enthusiasm to contribute to a better quality of life.

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