Insulation of air conditioners in a residential block

Company: Tenia Refrigeración S.L.
Work site: Insulation of air conditioners in a residential block.
Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

In this project, it was necessary to solve the problem with air conditioners, placed in the roof of the building and in a strong wind area. Models TBF and TBMF were used to isolate the units, they are anti-roll hybrid mounts that provides the greatest safety.

The steel structures are insulated using acoustic wall anchor plates of PLM VERTICAL range. They allow connecting the structures to the wall or floor rigidly. PLM VERTICAL has a good combination, EPDM and polymers that get a perfect insulation and avoid TBMF and PLM VERTICAL to be in contact and producing resonance.

Models used: PLM VERTICAL, TBF and TBMF

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